Monday, November 8, 2010

Now What?

As you're sitting somewhere inside, hopefully warm, thinking about:

*How glad you are the marathon was run *yesterday* instead of *today* (it just stayed raw, didn't it? And the sleet in the AM probably wouldn't have been appreciated to those of you who ran in shorts and a singlet)

*Rethinking your past desires to live in a third-floor Brownstone walkup (at least not too many people will see you walking backward when you go downstairs)

The next big question is: What Now? (Deep tissue massage for both your legs.).

Happily, I have some other thoughts. (Beer. Well, beyond that.)

*Thinking about next year's race? Well, NYRR has helpfully provided an application already: It will only cost $167 next year (if you're a NYRR member), and $207 if you're not. That includes a non-refundable $11 processing fee, though you won't get charged the full amount until you're accepted. I need to go through the fine print to see what changes have been made. You can apply until April 30.

*Didn't have a great race, but don't want all the distance training to go to waste? Now's the time to check out Marathon Guide and see what other marathons and halfs are in the near future (create a short vacation! Somewhere warm!)

*Do the paperwork - if you need more Q races, or have to volunteer (you can fork over $1,000 to get rid of that last issue), make sure you take advantage of the remaining Q races. Walk 'em if you have to

*Stay close to home, and hone in on a couple of key races: For Brooklynites, obviously the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day is a tasty option (how can I get me a pie?). But check out a couple of the NYRR races in December, and some PRs may be in the offing. Me, I'm looking at the Joe Kleinerman 10K on Dec. 5

*Start thinking indoor track, and go from one extreme to another. I know, I know - the last time to ran an indoor mile was high school - now's the time. NYRR doesn't have the races posted yet for January, though the Armory has a list of races in January and February, and maybe you can figure out a way to sneak into the Park Slope Y and train there (though I have some good treadmill workouts).

*Chill out for a few days, relax, consider this an effort well done. Anyway, most of you can barely walk down the stairs without little yelps (it'll get worse tomorrow, trust me. Oh, and the walking backward isn't a joke - do it; you'll be happier).

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