Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 5: Back to Coney Island

Yeah, I've temporarily skipped yesterday since I'm still compiling thoughts, but it being a beautiful fall day, thought I'd share this first.

With the week off, and Thanksgiving travel not happening until tomorrow, I was torn about what to do today. Part of me wanted to go up to Bear Mountain/Cold Spring and kick the leaves around (though wasn't particularly looking to dealing with the traffic given I get to spend so much time in the car tomorrow).

So I compromised, and got in my longest run in a while. Compromise being a big part of the work/life/family/running schedule of course. With the trusty Metrocard, I was eager to do something long, and one way, and I realized that I hadn't been out to Coney Island since ... well, on the running front, since the Brooklyn Half. And I hadn't done a 13-mile run in a while either (with no marathon this fall, the necessity of the 90-minute/2 hour runs somewhat dropped off.)

The weather was, let's just say, delightful - probably the last day of this caliber this year. I actually brought along water in case the fountains were shut off (though both the main boardwalk fountain by Ocean Parkway, as well as all the fountains I tried in Prospect Park were on).

It was a trip well worth it. I'm a little sore after yesterday's race, though ended up just "going my own pace" - which was perfect today. After a 10-mile jaunt to the boardwalk, I tacked on another 3.5-4 miles on an out and back on the boardwalk (wow, there are some place there that are simply dangerous for runners). Midday, during the work week in the late fall, Coney Island is barren - good for the runner, bad for the economy.

A few points here:

-- One reason for the long run today is because of a simple desire to get back into the training bandwagon. (After yesterday's race, I realize that I'm off whatever schedule I would have had to peak at the appropriate time). And, while I've still got a couple of races (which will be more likely hard workouts) this week, I've got enough time to reasonably recover from today's run before the Thursday Turkey race.

-- Be creative on your runs. They don't always have to start and end at the same point. There was no way I could get out to Coney Island and back (and enjoy a run on the boardwalk) at my training level. So figure out a way, and use the subway or bus.

The route is here - not particularly unique I'll admit. Nor really hilly. (Nor is the Brooklyn Half, which makes today's run, or variations thereof, perfect to prepare for that spring half).

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