Monday, November 1, 2010

Training for Philly ... and Looking for a Doctor

Passing this along from one of my readers: Any suggestions?

"I'm training for the Philly Marathon, and think I may have a nasty shin splint on the very lowest part of my right leg. I feel like I should see a doctor and thought I'd ask you if you had any recommendations for a good sports medicine physician. I could obviously just scour the NY Magazine rankings but I thought that you may have someone you like. "

Part of my response to her dealt more along the lines of the decisions she has to make:

At this point, you're almost done with the bulk of your training, so regardless of the doctor decision, you have some choices to make:
> If you have access to a pool or a gym (ellipitical, bike, etc.), I'd start doing some cross training that will help ease the burden on your shin, and maintain your fitness level. When running, I'd also look for softer surfaces (run on the trails where available in Prospect Park). You can't just shut it down at this point and expect to meet your goals, though you can modify your training.
> Ice and Tylenol will take care of some of the pain, though you also need to figure out whether this is "just" shin splits or something more (and the doctor may be able to help).
> Make a smart decision on this, and also think about what your short-term and long-term goals are - you may be able to train thru this, and tough it through the race (the post race recovery may be longer, however). And be up front with whatever physician you speak with: Tell him/her your plan is to race, and what steps can you take that will allow you to fulfill your goal without clobbering your body at the end.

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