Friday, May 21, 2010

Others' Thoughts on the Brooklyn Half

Getting tired of watching myself type, so figured I'd also toss out some other blogger thoughts on the race tomorrow ...

*Run Dangerously talks about the packet pickup (and has a photo of the shirt, which saves me from having to take my own).

*The Long Rush warmed up with a race (of sorts) in Central Park ... something I need to ask about

*Hills Are My Friends is plotting how to run the first half of the race in Prospect Park.

*Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn got hurt and won't be running this year

*NY FlyGirl is channeling Ke$ha ...

*Runner's World gave a shout-out to the Brooklyn Half (scroll to the bottom)

*Marathon Madrigal ran Paris, and now she's doing Brooklyn

*Washington Ran Here is taking a philosophical approach ...

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