Friday, May 21, 2010

The F Train is Not Your Friend

A last-minute reminder for those of you taking the subway to the Brooklyn Half tomorrow: The F-line is not your friend, as a shuttle bus is running from Jay St. to Church Ave. (and won't that be fun, especially early in the morning).

That means being creative: look at the Brooklyn bus schedules, or plan a warmup if you take the 2/3 or the Q. The MTA schedules, particularly early in the day, are surprisingly accurate (the days I have to be in at work at 6, I can get to my subway stop at 5:25 and know I'll have to wait for 2 minutes.)

The NYRR has a little checklist on their site to make sure you don't forget stuff. One thing to remember: They are providing a clear bag for baggage check, so if you've already picked up your number, make sure to bring the bag (one would think there would be extras).

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