Monday, May 17, 2010

#8: Know the Logistics

#8 ... know the logistics about the race, and make sure you've got the details ironed out ahead of time.

The race starts at 7. You should be in your corral probably by 6:50 a.m. at the latest, meaning you're stretched, prepped, ready to go. (Dang I hate 7 a.m. starts). Do you know where the race starts? How you're going to get there? Are you going to pick up your shirt and number that day (yawn) or in Manhattan?

Last year, the bathroom lines were horrendous. So, for NYRR, the options are: a) more porto-potties; b) fewer runners or c) do nothing and see what happens. If you're from Brooklyn, and you know Prospect Park - *** know where the public bathrooms/porto-potties are *** (or lean heavily on a friend who doesn't mind a bathroom visit that early. (Hmm, maybe Farrell's is still open)).

What are you wearing? (It's a faux pas to wear the Brooklyn Half shirt this year *before* you've run in the race. After all, you have to earn it. Anyways, it's going to be hot. Cotton is a no-no if that's the shirt they give) Clothes washed? Prepared? You have the Gu/Gatorade on hand? Your lucky bandanna in place? Oh the pressure (and I just turned on the Red Sox-Yankee game and see the Sox gave up a 5-spot in the first, so now I'm stressed out even further).

Seriously, take the time over the next few days to deal with the things that you *don't* need to think about. That'll make race day so much more pleasurable.

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mlittle said...

Where's my Tuesday (and Wednesday) tip! Don't let me down now!