Friday, May 7, 2010

Brooklyn Half Course Description Out

NYRR is out with a Brooklyn Half logistical update (which coincidentally ... or not) address some of the issues raised on the blog in the past several days:

*Brooklyn Half starts at 7 a.m. ... and the kids races now start at 9:45 a.m. (Very cool)

*Course description is now posted:

The start is on Prospect Park’s Well House Drive. Turn left onto West Drive and complete two counterclockwise loops of Prospect Park. Exit the park at the southwest corner (the second exit), turn right onto Park Circle, and continue to the Fort Hamilton Parkway/Ocean Parkway entrance ramp. A fork to the left of the road will take you to the Ocean Parkway entrance ramp. Continue south on Ocean Parkway, turn right (west) on Surf Avenue, turn left onto the boardwalk entrance ramp near West Fifth Street (between the handball courts and the Aquarium), and then make an immediate right onto the Coney Island Boardwalk. The finish line is located on the boardwalk between Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets.

(The race started on Center Drive last year and then turned a sharp left onto Well House drive before hitting the park. You figured the construction needed for Well House would prevent this again. Now NYRR is replacing that start and moving it up ... and adding the lower part of the park to compensate. Hopefully NYRR learned from the logistical nightmare last year where the faster runners were passing the slower runners and figures out a way to break people into appropriate lanes. )

Details on Coney Island events aren't quite available. (Some needs: Great places for brunch, and a Farrell's like bar that opens at 9.)


ChickenUnderwear said...

Wellhouse drive is not long enough to line up 10,000 runners. It is completely covered with giant piles of lakebed east of the Terrace Bridge. There is gonna be a problem.

Brett said...

The map is up.

ChickenUnderwear said...

I don't think that is gonna work.

The lead pack is still gonna crash into the back of the pack.

The slowest runners start 10 minutes after the start and take 40 - 45 minutes to get around the park. The leaders will get around the park twice in 45 minutes.

Good luck. NYRRC, maybe they know something I don't.

Janet said...

They closed registration early and abruptly. I doubt that there will be even 5,000 runners this year.

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