Wednesday, May 12, 2010

10 Days to Brooklyn Half

And, of course, 10 things you should know or do ... starting with:

10. What's your tune-up run this weekend? Let me make a couple of suggestions:

The Health Kidney 10K, a full loop of Central Park (and then some), will give you practice in a) running with thousands of other runners (almost 8,000 last year) and b) give you an opportunity to test out your half marathon race pace. And it doesn't look like there will be any race cap, unlike some races we know and love. (I think we need the UAE to sponsor the Brooklyn Half).

Speaking of which, the Brooklyn Half course map is up on the NYRR site - two full loops of Prospect Park (counterclockwise) before heading down to Coney Island. Nothing wrong with running parts of the course ahead of time. Remember you'll have to do Zoo Hill twice (yippee!)

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mlittle said...

I hate Zoo Hill. I'm hoping it will be crowded enough on lap one that I won't even realize I'm on it.