Sunday, May 23, 2010

Brooklyn Half: Your Stories

*The Long Rush felt like he was running uphill on Ocean Parkway ... and still broke 1:20

*One Runners World ran with a friend, and had a blast

*Run Dangerously has posted photos and promises a story soon

*The Funner Runner mulls what happens if he invested in training (and still ran his third-best half).

*To Badwater stopped off for a PR at Brooklyn (and gives us a little insight to the VIP tents)

*Washington Ran Here was able to find some race shorts in time for the 7 a.m. start

*Bye 25 (hello 26.2) ran a PR before heading to a BBQ

*Big Apple Beth ran into baggage problems

*Runnin' Down Dreams said nearing Surf Avenue near the end "was heavenly"


Robert James Reese said...

Thanks for the link!

nyflygirl said...

nice roundup! my report is here