Thursday, May 20, 2010

7 More Things: Weather is Key

Obviously my consistency on these haven't been ... well ... consistent. (Kind of reminds me of my spring racing season, of which Brooklyn caps off an injury-plagued adventure.)

The good thing is that summer beckons. Ahh, but so does Saturday's race, and I confess a thrill as I was talking about it with co-workers and picking up my number today.

This, admittedly, will be haphazard - I will get to all seven things in the next 10 hours (with some gaps). Easier for me to do it in a few separate postings.

#7: Know the weather, and plan/drink accordingly.

Right now, we're looking at temperatures in the low-60s for race start (OK, it's the temperature in Brooklyn Heights, but it's close), but high humidity. It'll get warmer as the day goes on; it's also be key whether or not the sun is out for the early morning race.

For some, this will almost be ideal conditions; others of you might want it a bit cooler. (ME, ME) Adjust accordingly. Make sure you're hydrated before the race, and know where the water stations are on the course. Ocean Parkway is fairly exposed (I think you can probably one on one side of the road and avoid the sun, though haven't been out at that time in that part of Brooklyn in a while). Wear sunblock.

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