Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend Race Results

Beautiful Saturday, rainy Sunday - suspect some of the results reflect that. Congrats to everyone who participated this weekend in the local races.

Some links:

From NYRR: For the Fifth Avenue Mile: Professional results, and then the rest of us. If you see David Peters, originally from the UK, but listed as a Brooklyn resident - don't challenge him to a race. He scorched a 4:14.

Also, on Sunday, the 18 mile tune up, run by many for purely the reason that it's an 18 mile training run -- with support (check out my post from yesterday for a run for a similar distance, though you don't have people at tables giving you water and Gatorade.) For the 3,500-plus of you who made it out there, good luck on your fall marathon.

Nothing yet from Music that Heals 5K in Prospect Park today, but here's the link for the main site. Also, not yet seeing a link for Tunnels to Towers.


D said...

Thanks for the mention! I promise to slow down and say hello if you see me running in one of the parks. Especially if you are a Monty Python or Blackadder fan. God Save The Queen!!!

Brooklyn Runner said...

Monty Python, Blackadder ... and Dr. Who. If you're around Prospect Park this winter, I can think of a number of people who'd love to chat.