Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Speed Workout, Blog Style

Bleah, lot of stuff going on, not as much time to keep up to date on the blog (and if it comes down to a choice between running and *writing* about running, needless to say I'm out the door).

I'm out of town this weekend, so let me offer up some quick thoughts about some immediate future events (a 3x200 if you will).

-- A couple of area bloggers, including One Runners World and Hills Are My Friends (they'd better be your friends in New Hampshire), as well as a number of Brooklyn/NYC teams are running the Reach the Beach Relay this weekend. 207 miles, from Cannon Mountain to the New Hampshire coast, with 6-12 runners splitting the 36 legs (most do 12 runners, with 3 legs a piece).

-- The Brooklyn Triple Crown will be settled this weekend, with the PO Chris Hoban Memorial 5-Mile Run along the Shore Road Promenade (nice and flat). A great opportunity for some PRs if the cooler temperatures hold.

-- The Queens Half (the only one of the five borough halfs I've never run) is on Sept. 20 as well. The transportation is almost as complicated as getting to the NYC Marathon start - unless you have a car, that is. Also note, you'll be using a D-Tag, rather than a chip, so if you're unfamiliar with it, there's instructions on the NYRR Web site.

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J said...

Because it is so hard to get there I am looking for anyone who likes to share a car service from Brooklyn Heights to the Queens 1/2 marathon. If interested pls shoot me an email at Joe