Monday, September 28, 2009

Newport Half

Ahh, some feedback and a race to keep an eye on in 2010:

"I'm a big fan of the blog and would like to give a thumbs up to a race you never mentioned, the Newport Half Marathon in Jersey City. I ran it this weekend and despite the rain and some equipment issues I had a great time. The views were great, the course was flat and it was fun to run a race with less than 2000 people! Even though the race was in New Jersey it was super convenient (and easier to get to than the Bronx) and the registration was a five minute walk from the PATH, which links to the F train at 14th street. There was a more and better post-race food than any NYRR race I've ever been in.

Anyway, I hope you give the race some notice next year, I think anyone who runs it will be presently surprised."

From my end, duly noted (the fact that the post-race food kicked a** makes this a formal apology).

I added the Newport Half to a race calendar back in August, but to be fair, you'd have to have pulled out the magnifying glass to find it. We/I tend to forget that there are some great (flat) races right across the rivers in Jersey City and beyond, so worth pursuing.

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Kristan said...

I didn't run the Newport Half, but I ran their 10K in April. The Newport 10,000 is definitely another fantastic race to add to the calendar and served as a great tune up before the Brooklyn Half Marathon. The post-race food (and beer!!) was fantastic and everyone lingered and hung out for a long time. It's a flat race and nice for a change of scenery, as well as a post-race trip to Target!