Saturday, September 5, 2009

Odds and Ends

Some random stuff, as I shake off the summer cobwebs and get back into serious X/C training (and maybe even a marathon this fall, depending on the state of my right leg.)

-- The Prospect Park Track Club starts up its next 10-week speed training series on Tuesday, Sept. 15, run by Tony Watson. Cost is $50 for PPTC members, or $100 for non-PPTC members (if you're thinking about doing it, might want to join the club for the $25 annual fee.)

-- 56 days until the New York Marathon, and the Web site has been updated with all sorts of goodies. A lot more will be seen on this blog in the coming weeks about the race, with hints and tips and stuff.

-- Registration for the Boston Marathon, the holy grail, begins on Sept. 9. I'll admit I'm biased, because it's on my life list of things to qualify for and complete, but as I meet runners from all *pun* walks of life -- qualifying for Boston is almost always a goal, especially as we age.

-- If you didn't see earlier, the New York Times offers its spin on the barefoot running/wearing shoes debate in a recent article. A nicely written piece, I thought, with fair balance. Did the Nike shoe revolution ultimately hurt running? Keep in mind, almost all of you reading this blog likely still need the traditional shoes and their support. For those of you able to break away, I applaud you.

-- Need some long-run ideas? I realize I've spent pretty much no time setting up the organization of this blog, but here's a link to some long routes if you need.

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