Monday, September 28, 2009

Virtual Marathon? Pay for Q-Race

So ... MapMyFitness and NYRR are promoting "virtual" races, including the first annual virtual marathon (where you can run as few as three miles) and get one of the 9 racing credits you need for next year, as part of New York Marathon Week.

For $25, you can run a virtual marathon or a 5 mile race and receive a) a qualifying credit to the 2010 NYC Marathon (part of your nine races) and b) if you're among the first 1,000 entrants, you get guaranteed entry into the NYC Half Marathon next year (you still have to pay the entry fees, however).

From the Web site:

"Start, run, and finish your race anywhere you want! A Virtual Race gives you opportunity to join in the excitement of the ING NYC Marathon week activities in your own backyard. Map out a personal race course, run it within the designated dates, upload your results, and then compare how you did against all other competitors -- virtual and live!"

So basically: You can shell out money, run 3 miles with folk (read the rules) and get credit for a race. You also have a chance to win a 6-month weekend subscription to the New York Times. (Life is hard - you don't get the full week -- ohh, wait, it's free online).

BTW, if you run just three miles, check this out: "Runners must complete a minimum of three (3) miles or up to a maximum of a complete marathon (26.2 miles). Any distance shorter than the 26.2 miles will be mathematically extrapolated to the marathon distance, regardless of the actual distance run. "




(Words escape me (which is probably a good thing)).

I've got a better idea. I'm not going to hit the 9 qualifiers this year, so I'm happy to sell my qualifying credits for $20 a pop. First come, first serve ***

My favorite part: You don't even get at T-shirt. However, you can pay $20 for a medal, or a T-shirt. $35 for both.

Obviously, this isn't for me. And I'm missing the point. So please, I'm looking for anyone who is doing this to explain why they are shelling out the money to do this. Extra points if you pay for the T-shirt.

*** Please note, as of now, NYRR does not allow for transfer for qualifying credits, so this is obviously illegal and won't help you get into the NYC Marathon in 2010. So you won't get the marathon credit. You can still send me the $20 though :-).

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