Friday, September 25, 2009

Fifth Avenue Mile Saturday

Speaking for myself -- I have to confess, it's tough to get excited when New York City is host to dignitaries and celebrities *constantly*. A U.N. meeting? Happens all the time. Obama swinging by? He loves this city and state. And a celebrity viewing? Heck, Gossip Girl, Law & Order and other TV shows/movies (hello Brad Pitt and George Clooney) love the Brooklyn Heights/DUMBO area. (A local terrorist? OK, that's enough to give pause, especially as the subways were filled with gun-toting security forces throughout the week).

But that belittles the fact that I/we care about certain folk. And in the running community: Bernard Lagat fits the bill. He's running the Fifth Avenue Mile on Saturday, as is Shannon Rowbury. Others scheduled to run? How about sub-13 minute 5K stud Matt Tegenkamp? (And possible you.) Me? I've got a two-hour milage-grubbing slog (err ... uh, great opportunity) ahead of me tomorrow as I desperately try to get in shape for a fall marathon (holy cr*p, New York is in five weeks, Philadelphia in 8, and if you're running an October 26.2-miler - you better be ready now).

Still, if you happen to be downtown near Fifth Avenue in the AM - by all means, it's worth sticking your head into the crowds and watching some of the best milers in the world running. (Or maybe, if you've already signed up, get your family and friends out there.) Best of luck to everyone who's running.

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