Saturday, January 22, 2011

Packer's Eddie Owens Wins Manhattan Half!

He's one of the top prep runners in the country, and dropped down to mix it up with the adults with a 1:10:25 half. More analysis/results in a bit.


Chicken Underwear said...

I had the pleasure of watching him run. He was not just fast, he was so far ahead of the next runner.

Anonymous said...

The kid is a super talent, but you have to question his coach's decision to have him race so hard in such brutally cold conditions - far too easy to develop muscle tears in those temps. The guys that finished behind him typically run a few minutes faster and it makes me wonder if their experience (most are 10-15 years older than Eddie) had them hold back - why kill yourself in poor conditions when the year is just beginning? Regardless, it was a super display by the teenager and a pretty spectacular time!