Sunday, January 9, 2011

Monday Morning Thoughts

Life has been interfering with blog posting (not with running, thankfully enough), so apologies. Few thoughts as the week begins:

*As noted earlier, the NYRR calendar is posted for the remainder of the year, albeit with some gaping holes. One might think the Brooklyn Half would be Sunday, May 22. One might also be completely wrong as it seems there are some things still being negotiated. (I can't see it being Memorial Day weekend). That raises the possibility of earlier in May, or later in June.

The Brooklyn Half also has the potential to be one of those entry nightmares, so when you do see the application posted, get in there quickly.

*I've been dragging myself out of bed at the wee hours a few times in the past several days to go running, and I've got to say I'm truly heartwarmed (well, some part of my body better be warm) by the number of folk I've seen out on the streets and on the bridges

*The Fred Lebow 5-miler took place on Sunday; results are here. I realize the precautions put in place for shifting the running date, though keep in mind that ultimately, the only change was the steady wind in runners faces today (ugh).

*I want to run the numbers to be sure, though I think at this point, with NYRR making a decision to keep Fred Lebow a marathon qualifier regardless of whether you run (and the New Year's Eve runs on 2011 ... and potentially 2012 ... both of which could conceivably count for this year), I do think it's possible to race less than 26.2 miles in NYRR races and still fulfill the NYRR marathon qualifying goal, given the races they have listed.

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Umi said...

I'm glad I found your blog. I'm trying to qualify for the NYC Marathon for the first time and joined RR. I've heard such great things about the Brooklyn Half that I've been wondering why it's not listed on the RR calendar. :) I'll definitely check back here for the heads up of when the race is listed.