Monday, January 31, 2011

Brooklyn Half: Some Answers

*Yes, the Brooklyn Half is Saturday, May 21, at 7 a.m. After all the waiting, this isn't much of a surprise. But with this race, no surprises are a good thing.

*No, despite some confusion caused by NYRR, which initially posted the race with the double red asterisk, the race is *not* closed. Hasn't even opened yet.

*Soon, is when NYRR has said the application for the race will be posted (several other April and May races also don't have race applications yet, so this isn't a huge surprise.)

*Hours? Days? A couple of weeks? Not sure what the over/under is for how quickly Brooklyn will close out once the application is posted. It will close out for sure, and probably will close out quickly. Not only do you have the rabid Brooklyn running community (many of whom were closed out last year), you also have the new motivation (run 4 of 5 halfs to gain entry to the NYC Half in 2012).

And of course, it's always cool to be out on the boardwalk in late May, especially if you get a wonderful day.

*16 weeks (minus a couple of days) is the training plan you want to start looking at if you're serious about running Brooklyn. Start gradually increasing both the weekly miles as well as the long runs. Especially with the snow and ice, training in Prospect Park isn't a bad plan, given that the first half of the race is there. And if you're already able to run 13 now, think about ways you can get faster - mix in tempo runs, fartleks and some training on Zoo Hill (or your hill of choice).

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