Sunday, January 23, 2011

Is Brooklyn Half on May 21?

There's an e-mail circulating around that lists the 2011 Club Points races (that in itself is not surprising since there was a NYRR Club Council meeting on Wednesday). That list as of this morning had not been posted on the NYRR site.

What is surprising: It lists the Brooklyn Half on May 21.

Please note, this is totally unconfirmed - this may be a placeholder date, though it's the same weekend as it was last year (and makes sense based on the calendar). Was anyone at the Club Council that can confirm this and put this in perspective?

Take it with a grain of salt for a few reasons:

a) Even if the list is genuine, until NYRR posts the race (and even after the fact), that date's not set in stone. We've seen it move before, we'll see it move again.

b) Perhaps more interesting: If the Brooklyn Half is a club points race, then there's got to be some plan in place to handle the entries when the race opens. Too many people got closed out last year by surprise, which means there will be an initial upsurge when the race opens. Brooklyn won't close out as fast as Boston, but look for it to close out relatively quickly unless handled correctly.


runningheather said...

It was that weekend last year (I think it was Sat. 5/22/10) so it's highly likely. Also, last week they posted 5/22 on FB and then quickly retracted it. The only other possibility would be 4/30, but I'm banking on 5/21. Later in the spring = more potential for people to hang out and spend $$ on Coney Island post-race.

kristina v said...

really want to run this year but can't seem to get information on registering. any advice, guidance, direction is appreciated!