Thursday, February 19, 2009

New York Marathon Application Available

The 2009 NYC marathon application is available. NYRR members, including the processing fee, will have to pay $149. This is definitely one of the most expensive top-tier marathons in the country - if not #1. Then again - you pay to be in New York (as my many landlords would certainly attest to ...).

Details are somewhat skimpy on the Brooklyn-based transportation - it looks like you have to be staying at one of a few hotels to be able to get a ride (though further details will be e-mailed in June). The local club options may still be your best bet on the day of the race (though I've heard some success stories about folk who took the ferry over and were able to make their way to the start and not have to kill themselves in the AM).

I'm not entirely sure yet how, if you race the Brooklyn Half in the requisite time, you can guarantee your slot, though I'm sure it will entail some e-mails.

Above 50 degrees (F) today ... it's definitely running season. GET PSYCHED!!!

(especially with this weekend's races!!!)

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Anonymous said...

I took a car service from Park Slope to the ferry last year, no problems.