Monday, February 2, 2009

20 Mile Run Suggestions?

So ... now that I'm the middle of marathon training, it's time to think about the 20-mile runs. I have some ideas, but I'm curious about what the readership does when they need to go *really* long during February and March.

If you send me a route, I can try to recreate it on Map My Run (or you can build it yourself). One key factor, I realize, after running more than 15 miles last weekend without a water stop -- where can you get water (or where can you stash water bottles)?

Anywhere in the local area is fine. And obviously, all these ideas will be shared.


Anonymous said...

This is my new favorite 20 mile run. May not work for you depending on where you are in Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

Start on the Manhattan side of the Triboro Bridge. Run the Triboro to Queens and get off there. Run south on 31st Street to Northern Blvd which turns into Jackson Ave. Take the Pulaski Bridge into Brooklyn which will then become McGinniss Blvd. Take McGinnis until you come to the BQE viaduct. Run under the BQE viaduct until you reach Flushing Avenue. Take Flushing Ave until you reach Navy Street. Go left on Navy St until you come to Tillary. Go right on Tillary and follow it to the Pedestrian entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge. Cross the Brooklyn Bridge accross to Centre St. Turn right on Centre St and it becomes Lafayette St. Follow Lafayette to Housten and turn Right. Then turn right on 2nd Ave, and take it all the way up to the entrance to the Triboro. On a Saturday or Sunday it is easy to park near the Triboro entrance on 2nd Ave. It is just short of 20 miles and it is a lot of fun. It may be a little tricky to find the pedestrian entrance to the main part of the Triboro while on Randall's Island, but it is worth it. The worst part of the run is the trek back uptown on 2nd ave due to pedestrians and stop lights, but the part that goes through Queens and Bklyn is usually quite nice. It is one of my favorite long runs and I have done it about a dozen times. Highly recommended.