Monday, February 2, 2009

Empire State Building Climb

The annual Empire State Building run is tomorrow (my aching legs - I have enough problems walking the 100 stairs to get out of the subway*). Though, I must confess - it's on my life list of races to do.

The Wall Street Journal has a nice feature on Nina Kuscsik, the first female winner of the New York Marathon in their online edition (I'm not sure if it's password-protected or not, but it will be in tomorrow's paper, it looks like) and some very down-to-earth experiences as she runs what will be her eighth race.

* A question for anyone who might know -- what's the biggest staircase in the New York subway system? (those in Washington DC dwarf anything we have around here, but I may be wrong)


Janet said...

Not password protected, and a good article. One point of confusion: there's a photo of her which the caption says is from the race in 1980, but the text says she only learned about it in 1991.

I'm impressed by the description of her workouts. The article makes it sound do-able!!

ChickenUnderwear said...

I don't know if they are the biggest but the staircases at the Roosevelt Island F stop and Exchange Place on the Path are huge, wide and you can zoom down the escalator too!

Or watch this

Samantha said...

What about the one on the F line I think...Smith & 9th street. I think that's the stop I'm thinking of.

i hate getting off the F on 4th ave because you need to walk down three flights of stairs, and then back up one :(

Janet said...

Smith/9th is definitely the highest station, at least I've heard that from multiple tour guides. I'm not sure if the Lexington stop on the "F" goes the deepest although it would seem so. That's an interesting station because, as I understand it, there are sealed-up tunnels scheduled to be opened when other parts of the subway system are built.

Samantha said...

Yes, the lex & 53rd street station must go at least 3 - 4 flights down! I used to work in the area and I always dreaded the thought of those stairs!

Do I get a prizeif I'm right? ;p

ChickenUnderwear said...

Some time in the next few weeks I am gonna post a comment which will be the answer. I will do a little internet research, then I will go count stairs.

I am the guy who measured the "loop" around the 7th/8th Ave Subway Station of the F Line.


ChickenUnderwear said...

Call me crazy, but I counted some stairs today