Sunday, February 15, 2009

20 Mile Run: Prospect Park-West Side Highway

So, as the next phase of the marathon training kicks in, I've embarked on the first of a few 20-mile-plus training runs. I'll map these, along with the suggestions I received from you folk, in the coming days.

This one was a fairly uncomplicated one. From Prospect Park, over the Brooklyn Bridge, over the West Side Highway, and then north-ish to 86th Street or thereabouts. While not particularly interesting, it has the huge advantages of having bathrooms around the 5-6 mile point (a bit north of Houston Street) and around 73rd Street in Riverside Park. That means, even in the winter, you don't need to carry water unless you choose to do so.

This is a flat, flat, flat route, with the only hills being on the Brooklyn Bridge, Riverside Park (should you choose to run on the sidewalks as opposed to along the water) and then back up to Prospect Park. Great if you're looking for mileage - not so great if you want to get some hills in your long runs.


Samantha said...

Every time I read this post I remind myself that it's not life-ending to run in the cold. It's just cold! I really want to run the 5k this Saturday but I am really afraid that somehow I am going to freeze my butt off and just somehow "fail"

Brooklyn Runner said...

One key to running in colder weather - or for any kind of weather, actually - is to make sure you're dressed appropriately. Layering is essential, also wearing clothing that protects you from the elements (wind, rain) but allows you to breathe.

Runner's World has a bunch of articles with advice about how to handle running in the cold weather at,7123,s6-238-267-269-0,00.html
(if link doesn't work, search for "Running in Cold or Heat"

Running outside is an exhilarating part of this sport. Even though it may seem daunting at first, you'll realize that, with the right preparation, you can succeed in most any conditions. And even if you don't want to run, take a stroll.

Ken said...

I don't quite understand your "even in the winter" comment. I haven't run 20 miles yet (I ran fifteen yesterday, and I hope to move beyond that), but I find that I need less water on the winter runs, not more.

I have a good friend who lives in Red Hook. She used to live on Park Slope. You've got some beautiful running areas there.

Good luck in your training.