Sunday, February 8, 2009

March Half Marathons (more or less)

With a dearth of nearby long-distance races on the calendar in March, here are some relatively nearby options for folk looking to get it a lengthy race in preparation for a spring marathon - in all cases, though, you'll need to road trip it. I should note, there may be others, and I'll add to this as I discover them.

March 1: Boston Buildup 25K, Norwalk, CT

March 8: Celebrate Life Half Marathon, Rock Hill, NY

(Runners' World says great schwag!)

March 15: New Bedford Half Marathon, New Bedford, MA

(A great New England half - one I've always wanted to do).

March 22: NYRR Colon Cancer Challenge (15K)

(Central Park - if only it could be longer.)

March 29: Suffolk County Half Marathon, Long Island

March 29: Ocean Drive 10-Mile, Cape May County, NJ


Karen said...

also there's the E. Murray Todd Half Marathon in Lincroft, NJ on 3/1 and Suffolk County Half on 3/29 on Long Island.

Karen said...

whoops, sorry just noticed you already have the Suffolk County race... my eyes glazed over it or something