Saturday, February 7, 2009

Brooklyn Half Date TBD

Queries by myself and others at NYRR over the last couple of days have resulted in: Two responses saying the date is to be determined as the group discusses it with the city; one response saying the race is still May 30. (I think if it was still May 30, they wouldn't have pulled it from the calendar, however).

So, looks like we wait and see. Even if the date changes, I've got to think they aren't going to start the course on the boardwalk this year. It's beautiful in vision, dangerous in practicality - a lot of the slats are sticking up and a few are broken, making it somewhat hazardous.

Should be great conditions for the Bronx Half tomorrow.


Samantha said...

huh...This will be interesting I guess....My knee has been feeling weird the past week, so I really have cut back my training a lot for this week, and I'm really hoping that by the middle of next week I'll be able to start again. (I'm self diagnosing it as Patellar tendinitis, so hopefully i'll be okay in 2 weeks, not four..gah..)

Janet said...

I think the finish on the boardwalk would be worse--later (i.e., more passers-by) and, more significantly, tired legs which aren't being lifted as high.


Samantha said...

Yeah, that's a good point. It would be sad if the boardwalk was excluded from the run, but the conditions on it can be really bad in some places. I'm trying to think where else would be a good place to start/end if one point is Prospect Park.

Janet said...

KEYSPAN PARK. (or is it National Grid Park now?) They could substitute a run in the infield for the departed "Run to Home Plate" at Shea.