Saturday, September 6, 2008

An Ugly, Humid, Day

Today was simply brutal.

I don't think the temperature got much past 80, but the humidity? I started dripping just walking to meet some friends at Grand Army Plaza this morning. Can only hope that Hanna brings some drier air after it. (At least until we find out what happens with Ike).

It's a reminder, though, that even on days now that the summer has passed us by, to be prepared. Modify your runs or races if you're not adequately prepared to battle the elements (remember the Chicago Marathon last year?) My on-again/off-again knee injury started tweaking again, and I was readily happy to cut a planned 10 mile run short. I still paid for it: It took me most of the day to get rehydrated, something I wasn't expecting, and didn't plan for, even though I had decent amounts of water on the run.

Reminder: You bought the Clif Shot Blocks. It's worth still carrying them.

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