Monday, September 22, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Monday Evening

Going to jumble the other stuff together in this post:

A friend of mine headed down to Philadelphia to tackle the Distance Run (hey, look, it's also sponsored by ING). Here's his report ...

When the Miami Dolphins can crush the Patriots, you know parity has hit the NFL. Of course, it isn't helping my weekly pool picks, but at least I didn't enter a win-or-die pool this year (I would have gone out on Week 1). We need something like that for the top local road races ....

Results for the Yonkers Marathon and Half Marathon are posted on these links. Felipe Vergara, 44, took second overall in the longer race in a time of 2:39:31, trailed by Carlos and Julio Sauce. Jacek Boral finished second in the half.

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