Sunday, September 14, 2008

Queens Half Results are In

A random comment about today’s Queens Half:

82 people broke 1:30 for the half.

Why? Check out these brutal conditions at race start for Queens: 73 degrees, 87% humidity.

In comparison, 351 people ran faster than 1:30 in the Brooklyn Half back in May, when it was 48 degrees and 93% humidity.

Ahh, but how do these compare to the Bronx Half’s, when they were run in the summer (and I confess, I miss the death march down the Grand Concourse):

2005 Bronx: 75 deg., 55% humidity. 139 broke 1:30
2004 Bronx: 76 deg, 84% humidity, 148 (!) broke 1:30

Running sub-1:30 in any conditions is great. Running it in today’s humid morass (what happened to fall?) is awesome.

Results from today’s race can be found here.

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