Friday, September 12, 2008

Running in Park Slope at 6 a.m.

Readers, I recently received an e-mail from someone asking about running in Park Slope/Prospect Park in the early morning. Thoughts?

"I live in Park Slope and have been running in the evenings for awhile. However, would like to become more of an AM runner. Any thoughts about if it's safe to run in Park Slope at 6 am? I have a feeling that there are probably a lot more folks out there than I think and I'm trying to convince my current running partners to try morning runs, but still not sure if I want to run the back end of the park by myself at 6 am."


Michael said...

I have run many miles in Prospect Park at 6am. It is wonderful.

JanetG said...

I have always been a morning runner, and agree with Michael. It would be impossible to run any part of the park at that hour except perhaps in the dead of winter without lots of company (runners and cyclists). I wouldn't be concerned about isolation and victimization, but about the cars which barrel up the big hill even before 7AM when they're permitted in the park.

Because it is still dark at 6AM, illumination is recommended.

James said...

Been running at 6 am (and earlier) for at least 10 years without incident--best time, imho.

Brooklyn Runner said...

Given the fact that my personal running schedule includes runs at all hours, 6 a.m. is as good as any time. BUT, let me ask those who respond a followup question to boot: Are there places in the park you'd avoid? How many of you run on the transverses (which I love simply because it's something different) - and would you do so by yourself that early in the morning. Or are you sticking to the main loop?

I should add, BTW, that I find the Brooklyn Bridge refreshingly populated (but not enough to impact the run) at that hour of the morning.

JanetG said...

I run the transverses (and explore the park's wooded areas) with company only, and would avoid them when it's dark in part because of the risk of assault, but also because the footing is less certain than the well-paved main loop. Especially at dawn, with the changes in light, there's always something different anyway.