Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy First Day of Fall

My favorite season has arrived! Leaves falling off trees so you can plow through them as you dash across grassy meadows ... ahh, pure beauty (it's a little less romantic when you try to run through piles that have built up on cracked sidewalks, end up stubbing your toe and tripping, but I vow that won't happen this year).

And of course, the temperature has reached a semblance of normality, allowing you run, and not drip, as you rack up the miles.

A ton of races over the past weekend, not all of them have their results up, so let me take a random stab at some of them and add to them over the week. I'll also try to get the October and some November races up by this weekend (there's this little thing called the New York Marathon that I hear that some of you might be thinking about.)

And while I'm thinking about it (kind of like the spring forward, fall back thing with the clocks): Have you picked your NYRR race to volunteer yet? Wonder how many people will try to put in for the Joe Kleinerman 10K in December

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