Sunday, August 31, 2008

Run Allan Run

Here's a blog entry from a guy in the UK (I think), who just spent some time in Cornwall, clocking down the time until New York (62 training days from today).

It features a photo of a mushroom (or is it a toadstool?) Nuf said. This from a recent post (Week 11):

"However, my “I’ve not smoked for eleven months and I’ve run a marathon” treat will be at Balthazar in New York, which is my favourite. (”Ooh, look at Mr Smartypants with his favourite restaurant in New York,” said a voice in my head when I wrote that. But actually it is because it is in New York and therefore something extraordinary and part of the whole experience of being in New York that makes it my favourite."

If you've got blogs that you've seen and want to mention them, send them along -- I figure there are 40,000 different stories, and you'll see a smidgen of them on this blog, so call out the highlights!

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