Saturday, August 16, 2008

Marathon Qualifier Added

Injured runners take note: The Harlem Health Walk-a-Thon, being held on Aug. 23, has been added as a marathon qualifier. No running is permitted.

"The 2-mile walk raises money to support the Harlem: Healthy Eating and Living (HEAL) Initiative and celebrates historic Harlem," according to the NYRR Web site.

This will make it the second-easiest qualifier on the schedule (there was the race in the winter that was canceled, but all entrants got credit).

For those of you looking to qualify for New York and limit the mileage, note the Fifth Avenue Mile on Sept. 21 and the Norway Run (I think, though it's not entirely clear) on Oct. 4 - the 1.7 mile distance is run before Grete's Gallop. If my memory serves me correctly, if you enter both races, you can knock off two qualifiers in 1 day.

One would think NYRR would simply have people write out a check so they can get into the marathon if this keeps up ... oh wait ...

Remember, besides the races, you need to volunteer for one race. More on this in a sec.


Janet said...

As to the suggestion about knocking off two qualifiers in one day, the web page says "Individuals must choose one event. No matter which race you registered for, your race number will allow you to run either the Norway Run or Grete's Great Gallop, but not both."

This is, however, a great step forward: in the past I've had a heck of a time withdrawing from one race in order to run another, shorter, one being held on the same day.

Brooklyn Runner said...

I think, though confess I'm not absolutely sure, that you could sign up for both races (paying twice, and getting two race numbers and two chips). So you run race 1, switch off, and then run race 2. They may prohibit this, though that has certainly seemed to be an option in the past. (And, given that the 1.7 mile and the half are two distinct races, I don't see why running both, if you paid for both, would be prohibited).