Friday, August 29, 2008

Let's Get Ready for the Fall

Whew, the "summer" is almost over, and it's been pretty intense. A couple of trips thru the main Portlands of the U.S. (including a run in the Hood to Coast relay race), a strange recovery to my knee injury (it doesn't hurt, I don't know why, not questioning it), some great races at the Olympics. (Bolt? Bekele? Both awesome.)

But I'm ready to get ready for the fall racing season. My target races are in November, and because of the knee injury destroying my summer base building - it's all X/C for me. Then, maybe, a winter marathon? We'll see. Such decisions are not unique, as I'm sure many of you who are aiming at New York and running into injury problems may need to revise their plans.

A September and October schedule for upcoming races will be upcoming later this weekend as I have the Labor Day weekend to track down some races. I'm also going to post a revised X/C schedule, now that the local USATF has posted its schedule. Rest assured, pretty much every weekend through mid-November has an X/C race, including many in Van Cortlandt.

On Sunday, of course, is the massive Nike Human Race (the New York version is over on Roosevelt Island) -- though I'm expecting that for most participants, it will be less a race than a mass celebration of runners who wear Nike products. There's also a 4 mile X/C race up at Van Cortlandt Park. For those who want to see some national competition, the New Haven 20K takes place on Labor Day. Live blogging on the race takes place here.

Marathon trainers can also benefit from the three-day weekend: How about a 15 mile run on Saturday, recovery on Sunday, and then a 10-mile run on Monday?

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