Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wave Starts at New York Marathon

Just noticed this on the NYRR Web site - there will be wave starts at this year's race, meaning you may start as early as 9:40 a.m. or as late as 10:20 a.m. Each wave will have about 13,000 runners.

That should ease the congestion at the start, though it definitely raises the bar for NYRR to make sure things go smoothly so that people with like times are running together.

Let me explain this point: your final time will be a chip-based time, so that won't be affected by the time you start (though starting 40 minutes earlier on a warm day may give those some added advantage.) But we all have colleagues and competitors whom we like to gauge our performance against -- hopefully this won't get mucked up.

The corral starts at the NYRR races seem to be effective, though there are bugs to be worked out. A colleague of mine with a 7:58 pace was put in the first corral today, while runners who signed up at the last minute were included in the 3000+ corral, seemingly without regard to time. Today, not a big thing. In the future ...

By the way, for Brooklyn runners: How are you planning to get to the race start this year? Take the "official transportation" (given that you've been forced to pay for it already) or plead with the local groups that have run buses to keep doing it?

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