Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Think You Know the 2008 Olympics?

OK, I'll be the first to admit. While I hate a lot of the NBC-inspired hoopla, I'm a huge Olympics fan. I don't really remember the 1976 Games - I'm sure I watched some of it, since I was first introduced to sports on a national level with Game 7 of the Red Sox-Reds World Series (no, not Game 6, Game 7, so I was introduced to pain.) I do, however, remember the 1980 Winter Olympics, complete with the Miracle on Ice. As sappy as that is ... I'm a fan.

So I'll be glued to the set, as well as online (, specifically for track and field, but also for the general sports interest. Water polo? Table tennis? All hours of the day and night? I'll be there.

(I am, however, trying to figure out how I'll watch the men's marathon and be cheering on my Hood to Coast teammates - a challenge I will overcome).

Anyway, if you're a track fan, and think you know who's going to win, it's worth checking out this contest whereby you could win $1 million!!!! (OK, picking the 100 meter top 3, even the winner, could be challenging. Will Tyson Gay show up? Is he too hurt to make it to the finals? And what about the women's marathon? Paula, are you there? Deena, are you preor-deened for gold?)

You have to pick a perfect ballot to win ... from there, it goes swiftly downhill. But bragging rights are key.

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