Sunday, March 21, 2010

NYRR Race Results - No It Didn't

Ahh, apologies to readers. Brain lock last night on a post questioning whether the NYRR had changed its results formatting. Pulled the post (since I didn't want to spread misinformation) but obviously, there hasn't been a change:

*If you want NYRR member results, click here (this needs membership number.)

*If you want a general race results search, click here

*If you want NYC Marathon results, click here.

There are a variety of efforts kicking around to try to encompass *all race results* from races, which would be super-cool. I'll address the ones I know of in a future post, and would be glad to know of others.

Anyway, sorry for confusion.


430orbust said...

Well, they did make it more confusing by moving the search by member ID to a different page, which must have just been done recently.

Also annoying that you cannot search all years by member ID anymore, which had been changed a few months ago.

ChickenUnderwear said...

Still having trouble searching for club results for the NYC Half

Anonymous said...

Interestingly I had a 12-15 second difference in my watch time versus my chip time (chip being slower). I was in the middle of the blue corral. I am wondering if others had that same issue. I am pretty used to setting these things up on my watch so it was surprising. I saw "Heavy Metal Runner" blogger had the same issue. My guess is in the rush at the start (was a little chaotic if you saw it happening) someone forgot to hit the initial d-tag stripe for a few seconds. Other than that it was a well run (pun intended) race.

TC said...

btw -- this just in from the NYRR website:

Registration for the NYRR Brooklyn Half-Marathon on May 22 is very near capacity and will close at 11:59 p.m. tonight, March 23.

mlittle said...

Anonymous, I had the same problem at the Al Gordon race.

Anonymous said...

mlittle - they gave me(and i think a lot of others) 14 seconds back today. Sorry i am missing the Brooklyn half - due to the fast close.