Saturday, March 13, 2010

Note to Self

"How many times have you run over the Brooklyn Bridge? Hundreds?

How many times have you run over the Brooklyn Bridge in the rain? A couple dozen?

You know that puddles form on the roadway right near the bridge entrance, correct? And that traffic in the lefthand-most lane, if they go through that puddle, it creates a pretty awesome splash?

Can you explain to me why, for some inexplicable reason, you forgot this pretty salient fact as you and your friends went running onto the bridge this morning? Yeah, I thought so ..."

Um, yeah, not one of the most brilliant moves in my running life. Got in the long run, got soaked in the process (and even more soaked on the bridge, where the rain was sideways and the aformentioned splash incident). So much for local knowledge. But can't complain - it was pretty fun. Hope you made it out there today as well, either for a workout or the race in Central Park.

1 comment:

Chou said...

Kind of like the puddle between Prospect Park and the Central Library . . . runner beware.