Monday, March 1, 2010

How Many Bridges Have You Run?

I ask this question, and I need to think about it a bit. Verazzano, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg, Queensboro, Pulaski ... I've walked over the GW, though never run it. A whole slew of smaller bridges, I'm sure (how many different ways have you crossed the Gowanus?)

Had a chance the other day to do a workout in Manhattan, and, bored with Central Park, realized that I'd never run Queensboro from Manhattan (obviously, it's always from the Queens side, and I'm usually in massive pain at the time).

And so I did, after finding the walk/bike path (thanks officer). The approach from Manhattan seems longer - definitely longer than the Williamsburg (or maybe it's just the steepness -- I'll need to get some measurements).

Got into Queens, figured I'd try to get to the Pulaski, realized I hadn't a clue how. (When in doubt, pick a direction). After wandering for a bit (always fun as a runner), and about to give up, I found a sign for the Pulaski and, lo and behold, managed to run that as well. I'm thinking a run from Manhattan back to Brooklyn is in the works.

One of the various message groups I'm on had some lengthy discussions about various bridge runs that could be done, incorporating a lot of the big ones. Yeah, it's a lot of miles, but you can also probably shorten it by some targeted subway/bus rides.

The above photo, BTW, is a picture to the entrance for the ... actually, not going to say. (Lot of hints - it's one of my favorites for running, it's been featured in recent commentary). Just find it, and run on it. It's worth the experience.


430orbust said...

Great topic. I addition to the ones you mention, I've also run RFK, which is a treat, if you like steps :)

Queensboro Bridge, I think, is a shorter approach from Manhattan to Queens, but the hill is steeper. I think the approach is much longer from Queens to Manhattan, but less steep. I could be wrong though. Like you, I mostly run it the other way, from Queens to Manhattan.

Laura said...

Here, I've only run the bridges you cross in the NYC Marathon.

In other cities, I've run the Cooper River Bridge in Charleston and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco - those were fun!

David said...

I live in Manhattan, so on almost all long runs I cross a bridge. Two long runs are tied for the longest distance spent on bridges:
Long Run 1: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg
Long Run 2: 3rd Ave., Triborough, Queensborough

I also like running the GW, it's a good way to add a couple miles (out and back) to any upper Manhattan run.

Anonymous said...

Manhattan and Brooklyn today. I actually like the Manhattan best (and I think it's the one in the picture, no?)

Christina said...

That's a cool question. We don't really have bridges out here in Phoenix. The only bridge I can think of, besides ones that cross freeways, is one that crosses Tempe Town lake.