Friday, March 12, 2010

NYRR 8000: Weather or Not?

Not entirely sure whether to be insulted by the posting on the NYRR Web site about tomorrow's race:

The NYRR 8000 will take place, as scheduled, on Saturday, March 13, at 8:00 a.m.

Umm.. .. it's going to rain. Yeah, there may be a lot of it, but it's rain. Some puddles. Some flooding. You will get wet. But it's rain. It's not going to snow. It will be windy, but it's not going to be a hurricane. No need to even think about canceling a race. And no reason for you not to run if you signed up.

Let's say this first: Good luck to everyone who races tomorrow - it'll be wet, but you'll have fun out there.

If you don't run because of the weather: a gentle question: Much of running and races are outdoors? So when conditions are bad (like tomorrow will be), why don't you?

My gentle suggestion: Running is wonderful sport, particularly since it *exposes* you to the elements. I have a desk job by day, I love going outside at night (or in the AM) and seeing what's out there. Yes, sometimes it stinks. And sometimes it's a blast.

No, maybe you don't hit the PR tomorrow

But maybe you discover that your best performances are found in windswept rain.

I'm not racing tomorrow because of my training schedule, which calls for 15-18 miles. I will be soaked and probably cold. But I know that most of the run I won't be doing it alone (since there will be others with me braving the elements ... hint, hint to those runners who will be running with me that might be reading this)

OK, off the high horse. I'm preaching, ranting. Please, one suggestion: if you run outside, run in the rain, at least a few times. Yes, you can avoid it. But it's part of the whole fun of this sport.


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ChickenUnderwear said...

I had fun out there too.

The rain gave me power.