Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NYRR Race Dates Posted

As mentioned here earlier, Brooklyn Half is May 22 (no official application yet).

Other dates:

April 3: Scotland Run 10K
May 15: Healthy Kidney 10K
Aug. 7: Team Championships
Aug. 15: Bronx Half
Sept. 12: Queens Half
Oct. 10: Staten Island Half

Many of the other regular races are there, no surprises jumping out.


Danny P said...

Do we have any idea when registration for the Brooklyn Half is going to start? And if it will be lottery or just a straight registration?

Appreciate the blog -- ton of useful information. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Registration for the Brooklyn 1/2 will be just like all other NYRR 1/2's (except the NYC 1/2 which is a lottery). There'll be a cap on entrants, as with all NYRR races, but no lottery. You can't yet register for it; NYRR usually opens registration for each quarter's races at the same time (e.g., now you can register for Jan-March races, with the exception of the MORE 1/2, which, like the NYC 1/2, is another mob scene run attracting runners from across the country). Just keep checking

mlittle said...

Registration for the Brooklyn Half is now open.

Danny P said...

Thanks! I signed up.

sasa said...