Friday, January 8, 2010

Brooklyn Half in Late May, Bronx in August?

Am hearing from a few different sources that, while still tentative:

-- Brooklyn Half Marathon will be in late May. Not sure if NYRR would try to put on a race over Memorial Day weekend, meaning that perhaps we're looking at May 22/23. (Please note, even if the current plans are for late May -- we've seen the date move around a lot, particularly for Brooklyn).

-- Bronx Half (obviously at this point not in February), will be held sometime in mid-August. Ah yes, running on the Grand Concourse in the middle of the summer. That oughta be fun :-)

A lot of things go into picking the race date, so admittedly these could all change. But hopefully it gives you an idea if you're targeting either of these races. Am guessing this probably means Queens is in September, Grete's and Staten Island would be as usual in October.

BTW, Manhattan Half, on Jan. 24, has the dreaded "one-star" on the NYRR site, indicating that the race cap is fast approaching.

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