Friday, January 1, 2010

Dates to Be Aware Of

OK, so if you didn't get into Leatherman's Loop (technical difficulties ensued this morning during registration), realize this: Races are closing out earlier and earlier. And in 2010, expect more of the same.

In a lot of cases, the races are limited because of the course restrictions (both Boston 2010 and Leatherman's have limits because of that). Even the NYC Marathon is curtailed in size because of this.

Some races are using lotteries, some not. But I suspect this will be an ever-present theme in the coming year.

That said, some dates to pay attention to:

Jan. 5: NYC Half, being run March 21, closes its lottery. Results will be available starting Jan. 6.

Mid-January: When NYRR will post more races on the 2010 schedule, (according to a Facebook posting by Ed Fortune), which is sorely lacking at this point. I can't imagine the Bronx Half will be in February -- if you recall, it used to be run in the summer, and was moved because of the NYC Half, so it may bet moved back. The Brooklyn Half most likely will be late May/early June, based on past comments ... but stay tuned.

Jan. 17: Naples (FL) Half Marathon. I only mention because of the huge number of people I keep running into who bought condos in Naples during the real-estate boom. (I've run the half once - fast, flat course).

Jan. 17: Phoenix Marathon/Half Marathon: For those of you heading west (and I know several who are targeting this race). A great Boston qualifier ... in 2011 (sigh).

Jan. 24: Manhattan Half Marathon. Very key because ...

Jan. 31: The last day you can run a half/marathon to use as a time qualifier for New York 2010. The two exceptions, the NYC Half and Boston 2010 (which is closed).

Jan. 31: This is tentative, but one of the ways to get into the NYC Marathon is to be a member and run 9 qualifying races (and volunteer for 1). The 2010 entry set Jan. 31 as the end date. 2011 may be different, but if you're thinking of using this option, sign up *now*.

Feb. 21: Cherry Tree 10-miler/3 person relay in Prospect Park. No lottery, no restrictions, a lot of fun, either way.

March 5: Lottery applications for NYC Marathon 2010, held this year on Nov. 7

Best of luck, whatever you're trying to do.


Anonymous said...

Hi. A friend of mine on NYRR's Club Council said the Bronx 1/2 will be in August this year - yuck! Wonder where they'll put the others? Darn, I loved the Bronx in Feb.

A longtime Prospect Park runner

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