Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When Will They Turn on the Fountains?

Ahh, it's the popular question this time of year ... and every spring it seems to be different.

An e-mail into the parks department has gone unanswered so far. And a query to a colleague I have generated a shrug, and the answer that there's one guy who covers the district, and he determines when they get turned on.

The warmer weather hints that it should be soon ... but when? And where? Should you note one of your favorite watering holes being brought back from its winter slumber, please message in ...

(For those in despair, remember that there are still sinks in the park bathrooms that are open, and there is a working fountain at Pierrepont Park off the Brooklyn Heights Promenade).


Janet said...

So long as this movie thing is going on, the Picnic House fountains (and bathrooms and drink machines) are unavailable.
My experience over the years is that fountains (and porta potties) can be counted on from April first until Marathon Sunday.

ChickenUnderwear said...

They are done with the movie, but the back door to the Picnic House was always (mostly) accessible. Sometimes you had to wait for a crane to move, but they moved.


Janet said...

The day I went last weekend--last Saturday--the back door was obstructed by black plastic and there was a "guard" (not unlike the "parking coordinators" who stand around during street location shooting) who denied me access. When I said I really needed a drink of water, he did go to craft services and gave me a bottle of Poland Spring.


Janet said...

Water fountain opposite the grecian shelter (is that what it's called?) was working today!!