Monday, March 2, 2009

Running Where You're Not Supposed To

So, to follow, running is prohibited in Green-Wood Cemetery (that's the right spelling, btw, despite my elimination of the hyphen in previous posts).

And, as you can tell, it's something that the guards are looking out for. Admittedly, that seems to be in conflict with the desires with us free spirits (then again, the Civil War spirits might not be a fan), but so be it ...

In talking more to folk, it does seem to be a cemetery-specific thing. Obviously, most of the cemeteries are smaller and so wouldn't be part of any route. But there are plenty of places out there where it is permitted.


Janet said...

It would appear
that the cemetery in Waterloo, Ontario, is on city land, amid a park, so that running on the periphery of the cemetery would be no different from, say, running in Prospect Park, around the Quaker Cemetery.

Brooklyn Runner said...

Doubtless, the public park aspect of it brings a lot more openness. Thanks for pointing this out.

And, to be fair, I've got to think the last thing a mourner wants to see is a sweaty runner blasting through a hill workout (unless, you're honoring a runner). I think as a teen, I would have been a lot less likely to think about this than today.