Monday, March 2, 2009

Reebok Grand Prix May 30

The Reebok Grand Prix, scheduled for May 30, has been selected as one of the IAAF's new Diamond League events, starting in 2010.

That means that it will be part of a 12-race circuit that attracts some of the top runners in the world. Lot of details still being worked out, and I suspect 2009 won't be a slouch, but it's a definite step forward in getting track and field on the higher echelons here in the U.S. (The other U.S. race is the Prefontaine Classic).

P.S. On its own, if all the dates hold, it means you can have a brilliant running day on May 30 - run the Brooklyn Half, while away some of the early afternoon at Farrell's, and then head out to Icahn Stadium for the race at 3 ... (uhh, maybe get a shower in there at some point :-))

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