Sunday, March 1, 2009

Coogan's 5K Results Are In

I keep wanting to call this the Coogan's Bluff 5K. Anyway, the snow held off this morning, and the times were fast, fast, fast.

It was a club points races, to be sure, so it attracted a lot of New York's top runners. But a brief statistic of note:

Number of runners who broke 20 minutes today: 392!!!
Number of runners who broke 20 minutes at the Al Gordon Snowflake 5K in Brooklyn: 155
Number of runners who broke 20 minutes at last year's race: 138

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Janet said...

I've always assumed that the place was named for "Coogan's Bluff" which is nearby, and now I'm curious. Also curious as to what the appeal is--after the race this morning the queue to get in was down the block and around the corner. Obviously there's no place like it in that area (at least there wasn't twenty-something years ago, when it opened) but it would seem most runners would have gotten into a restaurant just as quickly by getting on the A or 1 train and heading downtown.