Saturday, January 10, 2009

What's With the Rocks?

A quick personal note: After some hedging, decided to sign up for the New Jersey Marathon on May 3 in Long Branch. Qualifying for Boston has long been a dream of mine, though injuries and other obligations (and 15 years of no running) have worked against me. So, the routes and training you see in the next four months that occasionally spill into this blog (devoted to Brooklyn running, as always) will have that race in mind.

Enough on that: Today's running route was a traditional one. Prospect Park, over the Brooklyn Bridge, along the East River to the Williamsburg Bridge, then back through Bed-Stuy/Fort Greene (I think -- I'm going to have to check the neighborhood maps. After 10 years of living in Brooklyn Heights, I still get fuzzy on the dividing line between Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens). One benefit from running in a group - you go different ways than you might normally, which always adds to the experience.

Overall, about 12 miles (I may be a bit charitable on this one, though Map My Run seems to back me up). Highlight on this one: Somewhere on Franklin Ave. or Dean Ave., we run past a giant rock sitting in the middle of the side walk. A minute later, we saw two smaller rocks, these ones painted with an American theme. Anyone know any history on these?

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