Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Saturday Evening

** If you were procrastinating about signing up for Boston, or hoping to get a qualifying time in early February, that option is no more. Boston filled up as of Jan. 26, according to this press release on the BAA site. This is one of the earliest dates the race as closed, if not the earliest.

** At least 102 Brooklyn residents are signed up for the Boston race, according to the entrant database.

** Results are here from last night's Millrose Games. Lagat and Goucher were among the big winners ... anyone go? There's a link here which has some televised schedules of some of the bigger U.S. track meets.

** Friggin' cold today (again). It wasn't so bad with the wind at the back, but if you had the misfortune this morning to be running into the headwind (as I was, heading on Ocean Parkway toward Prospect Park) .... brr. The highs on Sunday and Monday (at least 42 degrees Fahrenheit according to look promising, though.

** The NYRR Gridiron Classic (4 miles) tomorrow is not closed yet, though suspect there will be some kind of cut off.

** I've always been a Marion Jones fan, and am saddened by the choices she made. This Yahoo! article offers more evidence about her fall from grace. Sigh.

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