Friday, January 2, 2009

Upcoming Races

Still culling together a list, but here's a start:

Jan. 3: Freezing Cold Hash Run, Edison, NJ

Jan. 4: Open/Masters New Year's Classic, Armory (168th St.)

Jan. 8: Thursday Night at the Races, Armory (168th St.)

(also run on Jan. 22, Feb. 12, Feb. 26)

Jan. 10: Fred Lebow Classic (5 Miles), Central Park

Jan. 18: NYS Parks Winter Run Series, Long Island

(also run on Jan. 25, Feb. 1, etc.)

Jan. 25: Manhattan Half Marathon, Central Park

Jan. 30: Millrose Games, Madison Square Garden

Jan. 31: Long Beach Snowflake Run, Long Beach

Feb. 1: Gridiron Classic (4 Miles), Central Park

Feb. 3: Empire State Building Run-Up, Empire State Building

(entries closed)

Feb. 8: Bronx Half Marathon, Bronx

Feb. 15: Valentine's 5K Run, Prospect Park

Feb. 21: Al Gordon Snowflake 4 Mile, Prospect Park

Feb. 22: Cherry Tree 10 Miler and Three Person Relay, Prospect Park

Feb. 28: Open/Master Last, Armory


Janet said...

Note that the Al Gordon 4-miler is now posted and open for entries
with separate women's and men's starts, and, yes, in Prospect Park

Janet said...

they have changed the Al Gordon to a 5k with one 9AM start--a disappointment to (straight) couples who thought both could do it without finding child care.